Automatic Driving Lessons

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Why learn to drive in an Automatic Car?

Easier To Drive = Less Lessons So Passing Sooner

No Gears, No Clutch, Just select Drive and Go!

Some people learn in an automatic because it’s easier and means they will pass their driving test sooner. Some learn in an automatic because changing gears becomes stressful and worrying, for example, coordinating the clutch with the gear change and working out what gear to select at the correct time. While some learn in an automatic because of learning difficulties and disabilities.

Over the years since 2011, I have taught 100’s of people to drive, some of who have thought they would never pass a driving test in manual but have gone on to pass in an Automatic.

Taking driving lessons in an automatic car leaves you free to learn the essential skills to become a safe driver without the worry and stress of a gearbox and clutch. Learning in an Automatic car will also mean manoeuvring, hill starts and driving in traffic will become a lot easier. This in most cases, will mean fewer lessons needed to gain the freedom of passing your driving test.

If you’re unsure whether taking driving lessons in an automatic is right for you, why not give it a try and book one lesson and see for yourself?

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The only downside of passing your driving test in an automatic car is that you will only be able to drive an automatic. However future cars are looking more and more likely to be automatic with all the latest electric cars being automatic and the majority of Hybrid vehicles like our own Toyota Auris Hybrid, being automatic. Even most of the latest sports cars are now semi automatic which because they don’t have a clutch pedal they can be driven on an automatic driving licence. A manual vehicle may one day become a thing of the past.

Automatic vehicles are becoming more popular and are getting a lot easier to find second hand – take a look on

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