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Be your own boss while working in Association with Us

ADI’s Only

Martin Cohen’s Driving School (MCDS) having worked in the driving school business since 2003, I first started this driving school in 2006, and over the years had a number of instructors working within my driving school. Then in 2014 for 5 years was regional owner / manager with another driving school where a number of Instructor’s worked within the organisation I was responsible for.

In 2019, I relaunched my own driving school and with my years of experience of being a driving Instructor, Instructor Trainer and management of instructor franchises. I designed this service based on what I believe instructors are looking for. Where most driving schools operate under a work for them within a franchise we don’t, you carry on running your own business working in association with us.

  • A fair weekly service charge
  • Capped number of Instructors per postcode
  • Still trade under your own driving school name
  • No requirement to use our car livery or roof sign
  • Earn discounts off your fees
  • We pay you up to £500 Christmas Bonus & 2 free weeks at Christmas
  • No start up fees
  • First 2 weeks free then 6 weeks at half price
  • No lengthy contract
  • Full call centre & online booking system
  • Able to opt out of introductory offers
  • No charge if off work through illness
  • No start up fees, first 2 weeks FREE, then the following 6 weeks at half price

    Our fees are based on the equivalent of what you charge a pupil for a standard 2 hour lesson each week. your fees will always be based on this meaning our fees will only increase when lesson prices increase. There is also no charges for pupils introduced to you through our driving school.

    Example: If your standard charge is £30 per hour your fee’s would be £60 per week

    There is no start up fee, with your first 2 weeks free and then the following 6 weeks are charged at half price. If you’re not happy with our service you can leave within the first 6 weeks without paying us any further payments.

    You will need your own car, if you haven’t got your own car suitable for driving tuition, there are number of options, you could buy a new or second hand car, a number of car manufacturers offer driving school packages or there are a number of companies that can lease cars to driving instructors.

    No lengthy contract

    We operate using a contract should you ever wish to leave all we require is a minimum of at least 4 weeks notice. You also get to keep pupils that we have introduced to you and we won’t charge you for this.

    Capped number of Instructors per postcode

    We will never take on too many Instructors, we want our Instructors to be busy, that’s why we have capped the number of Instructors per postcode to a maximum of 3 manual and 3 automatic, in towns and cities, with a maximum of 1 manual and 1 automatic in rural areas. Plus once an Instructor has signed up, we will not take on anymore in that area, until that Instructor has built up and maintained a diary for at least 3 months.

    Up to £500 Bonus and 2 free weeks at Christmas

    This is based on the number of weeks worked, where you have paid full price on time. Full T&C’s are written in our contract.

    Still trade under your own driving school name

    A lot of Instructors like the idea of running their own driving school, most other driving school franchises expect you to trade under their name, when in effect you are just paying them a fee for a service to support your own business, while they still expecting you to get your own pupils.

    Our driving school is different, you are paying us a service fee, and in return we provide your business with extra support, all we ask is you make clear that you are working in association with MCDS.

    Advertising for pupils

    In order to supply you with pupils we will advertise on your behalf using social media and internet search engines, below is just one example of many we run on your behalf. It is most likely you are reading this because you have seen one of our adverts, you can already see our advertising works.

    No requirement to use our car livery or roof sign

    We don’t require you to use our driving school livery, you can even use your own driving school livery providing you also have “Working in Association with MCDS”

    Earn discounts off your fees

    Earn £2.50 off your fees each month for each of the following: Test pass photo for our website and facebook, and top reviews on Facebook, Google or FreeIndex. Up to a maximum of £5 per week.

    Recommend another Instructor to join us and you will receive 2 weeks free after they have stayed 3 months with us.

    Full call centre & online booking system

    Using the services of a 3rd party we have a call centre which takes call 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays, excluding bank holidays. we also have a full online book system.

    Able to opt out of introductory offers

    If we decide to introduce any introductory offers, you have the option to opt out, it will always be your choice whether to take part or not.

    No charge if off work through illness

    If you are unable to work through illness, we will not charge you for each full week you have been unable to work, providing it’s back up with evidence and it’s clear through our system no lessons have taken place. This includes all reasons for not working due to Covid-19

    Your Pupils will also get the following:

    • Text message lesson reminders (the evening before)
    • Full Pupil login system with progress report online or emailed at the end of each lesson
    • Free online Theory and Hazard Perception Training
    • Credit & Debit card payments can be taken over the phone

    • For anymore information or questions please message us using the form below.

      We will always try to reply within 24 hours, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays