Waiting List

Update 26th April 2021

Currently we have no spaces and due to driving test being postponed, our first pupil to have a driving test is now not until June, this means those that we can’t fit in, it’s likely to be June onwards at the earliest, that we next have spaces. We appreciate this isn’t what you want to hear, its been caused by a limited number of Automatic Instructors, and high number of people looking for lessons, along with long waiting times for tests caused by the Covid lockdowns.

If you haven’t already, to add yourself to our website please go back to our prices and book online page, and fill the form out, once you get to availability, it will show none, with option to add to waiting list, or alternatively you can call us on the above number.

When we do have spaces we will send a text message out, asking you to confirm if you are still looking for lessons and the times you can do them, for example mornings 9-11am , afternoons 12-2pm, 3-5pm or evenings 6:30-8:30pm. If we don’t here back after a few times you will be removed from our waiting list.

We will try and match these available lessons with those that can do these times, if more than one person is available it will be offered to who has been on the waiting list the longest.

Please note I don’t work Monday mornings, Friday after 2pm or weekends, due to family commitments.