Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions were updated 9th March 2020 and replace our previous terms and conditions.

1, Driving Licences and fitness to drive:

Tuition is only available to persons who meet the following criteria:

Aged 17 or over or from age 16 if in receipt of the enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), or in receipt of the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance (mobility component).

Hold a current valid full or provisional driving licence. This must be produced to your instructor on or before your first practical lesson. Failure to do so will result in the lesson not going ahead and a full charge being applied.

You MUST be legally entitled to drive in the UK.

Fit to drive and any medical conditions thought to possibly affect your ability to drive safely disclosed to the DVSA and to your driving instructor.

2, Our Driving Instructors

Our Driving Instructors are all self-employed running their own businesses, they have promised that they are qualified to teach and fully legally entitled to give instructions in a motor car. Our driving school does make checks to make sure these conditions are being meet, but cannot be held responsible should an instructor fail to continue to do so. If you feel a breach of these may have or is happening please report to our driving school.

3, Payment of Lessons

 We can accept the follow:

  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card over the phone (some Instructor can accept in car payments)
  • Bank transfer ask your instructor for details (some instructors may not accept this type of payment)

Sorry we do not accept Cheques.

If paying by bank transfer or over the phone this should be done at least on the day before lesson.

Any money paid for lessons directly to our driving school will be held until after the lesson/s that have been paid for are conducted.

4, Save £2 per hour by prepaying

You can save £2 per hour just by prepaying, during the week before the lesson, you have up until 5pm Saturday when paying over the phone or by bank transfer. This can also be done at time of booking. (Most people just pay for their next lesson during the previous lesson)

5.Postponement or cancellation of lessons 

Driving Instructors are self-employed and when a lesson is cancelled at short notice these cannot be replaced and will have a direct effect on his/her earnings and covering the costs of running their business. Please where possible give as much notice as you can if you do need to cancel 

The Pupil must give the Driving School at least 24 hours notice to alter or cancel a lesson which doesn’t including Sundays or bank holidays, any lesson cancelled after 5pm on Saturday will be classed as being cancelled on the following working day.  Lessons that are cancelled without 24 hours notice will  be fully charged. Cancellations must be by phone. If out of hours, please leave a voice message with your name and the name of your instructor. 

 We reserve the right to refuse tuition to anyone who continually makes short notice cancellations, fails to turn up or anyone who fails to make payments on time.  Anyone who fails to pay on time, may be told they will need to prepay for any future lessons.

6.Refunds for Driving Lessons

If a prepayment is made for Driving Lessons, any refund for Driving Lessons not taken and not forfeited can be refunded providing at least 1 full working days’ notice is given before any lessons are due to take place. Refunds are by Bank transfer, Cheque or by card if originally paid by card.

If payment was made directly to our driving school please contact us 01978 504025.

If payment was made to your driving Instructor, please contact your instructor for refund. Please note, that while our driving school would make every effort on your behalf to collect money due to you held by an instructor. No responsibility is accepted for any money not paid directly to our driving school.

Our refunds policy for Intensive Courses is different from our refunds policy

Refunds for prepaid Intensive Courses are as follow:

Over 30 days notice: Refund except deposit
15 to 29 days notice: 50% refund
7-14 days notices: 20% refund
Less than 7 days notice: No refund

7.Training location:

All lessons will start and finish at the same location, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in advance. The instructor will determine a location for practical lessons thought to be in the pupil and the public’s best interests, this may mean that the instructor might need to drive the pupil to and from the lesson location initially, this traveling time will form part of the paid lesson time.

8.Training vehicles:

Our Driving Instructors have promised their vehicles provided for tuition  are taxed and fully insured for driving tuition and The that their vehicle will be fully roadworthy and fitted with dual controls.

Cars maybe fitted with front and rear dash cams that record front and rear and also record location via GPS.

Our driving school does make checks to make sure these conditions are being meet, but cannot be held responsible should an instructor fail to continue to do so. If you feel a breach of these may have or is happening please report to our driving school.

9, Booking a Driving test

The Instructor will advise when to make a driving test application. The timing of a test application requires a degree of professional judgement by the Instructor,  no responsibility can be accepted in this regard. Pupils who receive an appointment for a driving test must inform the Driving School immediately of the details, if they want to reserve the Instructor’s car for the test. If the car is already booked, a change of test date will be necessary. Pupils booking their own Driving Test without the knowledge of the Instructor will not be taken on that test in the Instructor’s tuition vehicle if the instructors feels you haven’t reached the required standard.

It is best if you pay us to book your driving test this will make sure your instructors car is available for you if you do book your own test please tell us as soon as possible if we can’t do your test you will have to change it if you wish to use our car.  Please also note you will only be able to use your instructor’s car if you are of test standard. 

10, Use of Instructor’s car for driving test

The booking of driving tests are advised when the Pupil’s progress is expected to be maintained and their future co-operation is anticipated. It does not imply that the required standard has been reached, nor that it will for certain be reached by the day of test. The Instructor, where necessary, will advise postponement or cancellation if the Pupil hasn’t reached test standard. The Instructor will withhold the use of the tuition car for the driving test if the Pupil’s interests and/or public safety will be best served in their considered opinion, even if the test had been applied for with the Instructor’s knowledge and consent.

As a rough guide but depending on progress a lesson progress score of at least 200 is needed before booking a test and a lesson progress score of at least 220 by day of driving test should be reached to be test standard.

11. Practical driving tests

When our driving school car is used for test, the booking period will be based upon the instructor’s normal diary schedule. Depending on the time of the test this will require a minimum two-hour booking.

While your instructor will make every effort to ensure that the vehicle supplied for test will be fully roadworthy and comply with all legal requirements at the start of the test, your instructor cannot be held responsible punctures or bulb failure that occurs during the test and is not liable for consequential losses.

During the Driving Test you will be 100% responsible for your own driving, your instructor cannot be held responsible for any mistakes you may make during your driving test and is not liable for consequential losses. In the event of any damage accruing to the driving school while you have hired the car for the driving test, any damage that isn’t covered by your Instructors insurance or a 3rd parties insurance you will be liable to pay for any repairs.   

Your instructor cannot be held responsible for test appointments cancelled by the DVSA due to bad weather, sickness, staff shortages or other reasons. Such cancellations are beyond the control of your instructor. Your instructor will advise about claiming compensation from the DVSA.

It is your responsibility as the candidate to ensure that you bring with you to the practical driving test your provisional driving licence (photocard ID). The lesson fee for the booked period will be charged.

12. Collection and use of data:

Any personal data you provide will be held securely and in accordance with GDPR.

13.Your rights:

These terms and conditions do not affect any protection you may have under consumer legislation. We reserve the right to change or alter any of the above terms and conditions without notice but we will endeavour to inform pupils of any changes as soon as possible.

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