Dual Controls Fitting

Wrexham and surrounding areas

New Dual Controls

We can fit He-Man Dual Controls to your Driving School Car, from £80 (Fitting charge only doesn’t include Dual Controls)

Dual Control Removal

Looking to just have your Dual Controls removed, we can come to you and remove them, prices from £40

Removal and Refit

If you are changing from one car to another and you’re changing to the same car, we can remove your Dual Controls and refit them into your new car. prices from £110

Secondary GPS Speedo

Can’t see the cars speedo from the passenger seat, we can fit a secondary GPS speedo so you can always see the speed your pupils are driving at.

Dash Cam Fitting

There’s nothing worse than having an accident that wasn’t your fault, but the other party won’t admit responsibility, well its much easier to prove with video evidence, we can fit Dash Cams, either wired to your 12v power point or hard wired in behind the dash.

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