Driving Lessons

Recently there has been a lot of people canceling lessons on a regular bases, some of which I believe have be deliberately planned, due to long waiting times for test, we don’t have an issue if you wish to take lessons every other week due to this, but some people are booking lessons in and then cancelling each week, and this is having a big impact on my takings which goes towards the expenses of the Driving School and my earnings.

I don’t have any issues with anyone that occasionally has to cancel a lesson (sometimes I have to with Debbie being ill) it is just the ones canceling constantly.

Those that do constantly cancel lessons will lose their space in favour for someone that wants regular lessons, I have no choice to do this, due to it having a big effect on my takings. recently its been 5 or more lessons a week are being cancelled, that’s a lose of over £300

Anyone that chooses to stop taking lessons for any reason, including their test being ages away, we will not be able to guarantee that we will be able to fit them in when they wish to rebook, this is because when someone stops taking lessons we need to fill that space with someone that wants regular lessons, we are not then going to say to someone we cannot do your lesson because someone else wants to restart.

Prices from 1st November are to increase by £2 per hour, due to increasing costs.

Due to very few people using it we have decided to get rid of our free phone number.

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