Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Published 15/03/2020. Last Updated 02/11/2020

Due to different rules throughout the UK please check with your local authority whether driving lessons can go ahead, or contact your local instructor. If driving lessons can go ahead, our general Covid-19 rules are as follows:

General Covid-19 Rules

Please do not turn up for a lesson with symptoms or if anyone else in your household has symptoms, we will not charge you for short notice cancellations for this reason. If you or someone in your house hold as symptoms then all lessons/test within 14 days minimum or until you are better will need to be canceled.These 14 days will be counted from the day you first tell us or from date of positive test.

If you have been outside of the UK and need to self-isolate for 14 days as per Government rules, please do not book a lesson or test within these 14 days.

Anyone who try’s to defy these government rules will be barred from any future lessons.

Face Masks and Hand Sanitiser

A Face Mask will need to be worn for driving tests unless you are able to prove a medical condition at time of booking, that prevents you from waring one. Face Mask will also be expected to worn on driving lessons unless you can prove a medical condition. Given that Face Mask need to be worn for a driving test it makes sense that you get use to waring one while driving beforehand.

The Driving School Car will be cleaned between each lesson, please wash your hands before coming out for your lesson, where this isn’t possible we will have hand sanitiser available. 

Changes we have made

We have altered the times we do lessons, in order to give us time to clean the car between each lesson. Due to this there will be fewer lessons available, spaces may be limited 

No other passengers will be allowed in the car on lessons, just pupil and Instructor on lessons.

Any other changes that we may have to make in order to comply with government advice / regulations we will update here.

Driving Tests

In the event of you or or instructor being unable to go for a driving test due to Covid-19 the DVSA won’t charge you for your test, you will be able to rebook another test. Your Instructor and this driving school will not take any responsibility for any test cancelled due to Covid-19 reasons which include but not limited to: Local or National lockdowns or restrictions, Pupil or Instructor having Covid-19 and or having to self isolate.

Read more from the DVSA by clicking here

Should you need to contact the DVSA they can be contacted on 0300 200 1122 or

We accept no responsibility for information we have received from 3rd parties contained within this page. 

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