About Our Driving Lessons

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Free Online Theory & Hazard Perception Training

All our pupils get free access to Online Theory and Hazard Perception Training

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Save £2 per hour by Pre Paying for your lessons

Most driving schools will give discounts for block bookings, normally this is for 10 or more hours paid up front, we are different to this, we will give you a £2 per hour discount for any lesson that is paid up front for, either at least during the week before or at the time of booking.

We can accept the following payments

  • Cash during each lesson.
  • Credit or Debit card over the phone
  • Some Instructors may accept Bank Transfer payments and in car Credit or Debit card payments

Most pupils each lesson simply pay in advance for their next one.

Text Message Reminders

We will send you a text message reminder the evening before, telling you the time that you have a lesson booked. After each lesson you will also get a text message receipt saying how much you have paid and the date and time of your next lesson.

Full Pupil Login System

We have a full online system, where you can go online, check you progress, check times of lessons, book lessons and change or cancel your driving lessons

Want to pass your driving test quicker and save money

Practise in your own Car

The more practise you get the sooner you will pass your test, once you get to a reasonable standard, by having your own car to practise in, you could cut down the amount of driving lesson you need. If you haven’t got your own car the insurance company below will cover you to drive someone else’s car, without affecting their own insurance.

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance
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All our students get FREE online Theory and Hazard Perception Training
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